Dr. Alexander Tetelbaum

Dr. Alexander Tetelbaum is President/CEO and the company founder. He is a pioneer and veteran of the EDA industry in back-end design automation, published 8 books, about 250 papers, holds 40 US patents, has extensive experience in research, development, and management in the industry (LSI Corp., Silicon Graphics, Zycad Corp., etc.) and academia (Professor at MSU and National Technical University of Ukraine, President of International Solomon University). He holds Doctor of Engineering Science (PhD+) degree in Computer Science and Engineering as well as PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is an expert in ASIC design methodology, design and signal integrity (timing signoff, STA, OCV, AOCV, crosstalk, clocks, signal electro-migration, SSTA, sources of variation, etc.) and in physical EDA (methodology and tool development). A unique specialist in variations that impact performance, timing violations and timing yield who has developed his own state-of-the-art methods and tools to solve these problems.

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Al Sadeghi

Al Sadeghi

Al Sadeghi is VP of Marketing & Sales. He is a veteran of the Semiconductor industry with expertise in Business Development, ASIC design, Diagnostics, DFT, Verification, and Project Management. During his career he has held multiple engineering and management positions at companies such as National Semiconductor, AMD, VLSI Technology, and Philips Semiconductor.  He holds a BS EE/CS degree from UC Davis as well as a degree in Material Science and Engineering. Al has extensive experience in building ASIC design organizations and has participated in numerous full-chip and block level tape-outs. He has highly developed management skills in organizational dynamics, team building, project management, Six Sigma Black Belt management, business law, and intellectual property.


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