All tools are implemented in Python programming language. It allows getting tools interoperability on multiple machine & OS platforms. All tools work on:

  • Unix/Linux OS servers &
  • DOS computers like PC or Tablets.

AbeliteTime-Rite Tool (Enhanced AOCV)

  • AbeliteTime-Rite (AT-Rite) tool is a post-STA advanced timing tool, which is complementary to such STA a s PrimeTime (Synopsys) or Encounter Timing System (ETS, Cadence). See details and comparison to PT/AOCV at AT-Rite
  • AT-Rite corrects derating for risky situations when delays are not uniformly distributed in paths and many other cases where original timing may have inaccuracy
  • AT-Rite reduces pessimism by 30-65% for most paths
  • AT-Rite structures and minimizes the final report
  • AT-Rite generates path and report summaries

AbeliteTime-True Tool

  • AbeliteTime-True (AT-True) tool is a statistical post-STA tool according to current EDA classification (all SSTA are using pseudo-statistical methods to estimate delays and slacks). It is based on an advanced Abelite Pseudo-Statistical STA method with multiple additional features.
  • AT-True uses an STA (like PrimeTime) or AT-Rite timing reports as an input
  • AT-True takes into account different variation sources and their description to generate enhanced timing report
  • See details and comparison to AOCV at AT-True

AbeliteTime-Stat Tool

  • AbeliteTime-Stat (AT-Stat) tool is a truly statistical (Monte Carlo) post-STA tool. (Note that there are no other STA/SSTA tools that based on MC engine).
  • AT-Stat uses PrimeTime or Abelite tools reports as an input
  • AT-Stat performs Monte Carlo statistical timing analysis after STA runs
  • AT-Stat takes into account different variation sources (in cells, wires and vias), their correlations, and their description (including voltage and temperature maps) to obtain statistical timing results
  • AT-Stat performs Risk/Timing yield analysis
  • AT-Stat reports all ECO to fix to obtain required timing yield
  • AT-Stat performs multi-corner analyses in the whole variation space
  • See details at AT-Stat


Internal Tools and Tools Under Development

Abelite-CRT (Compare Reports Tools)

  • Perform comparison of two arbitrary PrimeTime reports that may contain different paths
  • Report slack differences in paths
  • Perform comparison of any number of arbitrary PrimeTime reports that may contain different paths and obtained for different PVT/RC corners
  • Report what the slack difference is between reports and which reports are dominated by other
  • Tool may be tuned to process timing reports from other vendors (beside Synopsys’ PrimeTime)
  • Prototype is ready

AbeliteTime-VMA Tool

  • AbeliteTime-VMA (AT-VMA) tool is based on Abelite VMA (Variation Modeling Analyzer) method
  • AT-VMA generates multiple designs for new technology node
  • AT-VMA models different variation sources and their description to generate statistical timing reports at random points of PVT/RC/Via/AD space
  • AT-VMA performs Risk & Timing yield analysis
  • AT-VMA performs multiple analyses of different designs for new technology
  • AT-VMA validates OCV and AOCV derates and PVT/RC/Via corners
  • AT-VMA finds safe and minimum OCV & AOCV margins as well as End-Point margins
  • AT-VMA asses risk for not-typical designs (partial voltage sources correlation, 2-3 sigma libraries, etc.)
  • AT-VMA analyzes fatal (catastrophic) failures and finds guard bands
  • Under development

Data Mining and Characterization Tolls


Past successful signoff without using advanced Abelite SSTA tools is no guarantee of future results & a risk of silicon failure is involved.
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