AbeliteTime-Rite Tool

  • AbeliteTime-Rite (AT-Rite) tool is using Enhance AOCV (EAOCV) method to overcome main AOCV drawbacks that can lead to missed violations and big pessimism for most paths
  • This tool is complementary to PrimeTime STA
  • It reads, post-processes and analyzes PrimeTime timing report
  • It performs EAOCV derating to reduce risk and minimize pessimism by:
    • Taking into account inter-clock correlation
    • Taking into account number of timing critical paths & properly increase derating to limit the probability of silicon failure
    • Separately reporting all violations missed by base (ocv/aocv) tools (few paths with “bad” structures/properties)
    • Reporting level of confidence for given corner (C_sigma_corner)
    • Calculating number of paths that had slack optimism or pessimism in input report vs. the final tool report
    • Handling complex cells with internal depth
    • Reporting paths that may need to be analyzed at additional PVT/RC/Via corners
    • Handling complex cells with partially built-in margin
    • Handling paths with non-uniformed delay distributions
    • Reducing pessimism by accounting statistically for dynamic crosstalk
  • Additionally, it implements the following functions:
    • Design rule checking (caps, transitions, delays, derates, using not-clock cells, etc.)
    • Signal and Cell EM rules verification (wip)
    • Generates Path Summaries. Each Summary has data for the path such as slacks and skew with and without margins. Also details are provided for each sub-path (data path, common launch clock path, divergent launch clock path, common capture clock path, and divergent capture clock path). Details include sub-path total derates; path delays with and without margins; path depths; average cell and net delays and ratios; common clock cell, etc.)
    • Generates Report Summary and statistics (number of paths reported, violated  with and without margins; WNS and TNS with and without margins; total numbers of design rules violations for each rule in different sub-paths; average depth, cell and net delay, cell do stage delay ratio for each sub-path type)
    • Generates Structured Timing Reports that can be used to copy and paste into Excel spreadsheet
  • Beta version of the tool is released:
    • See examples of reports in Demo page
    • It processes ~300 paths per one second
    • Slides below show comparison of AT-Rite/EAOCV vs. PrimeTime/AOCV Tool

Past successful signoff without using advanced Abelite SSTA tools is no guarantee of future results & a risk of silicon failure is involved.
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